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Why haze days is not suitable for running? Damage to the lungs + vasospasm [Abstract] fog and haze easily lead to respiratory defense and lung function decline. Often participate in long-distance running, basketball crowd out before you must first understand the air PM index. The time of cardiac arrest is easy to explain the gold emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures of fog and haze causes the defense function of lung and respiratory decline. Often participate in long-distance running, basketball crowd before going out, we must first understand the PM index on the day of the air, like fog and haze long-distance running and other strenuous exercise, not only to achieve good training effect, but also endanger the health of their own. Runners wearing masks run North Korea fog and haze weather hazards? The damage to the lung damage and haze is the biggest respiratory system, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides in the haze once inhaled, it will enter the alveoli with airway, lung damage, hinder the normal gas exchange between the lungs, lead to the emergence of human asthma, lung cancer etc.. Running induced rhinitis nasal inhalation of haze weather, a lot of dust, particles, pollutants, once inhaled nasal cavity, will stimulate and destroy the nasal mucosa, the nasal cavity becomes dry, reduce the nasal mucosa defense ability, induced rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal mucosa and nasal diseases. Accelerate the hardening of the fog and haze days running inhaled pollutants will greatly increase, damage to the vascular endothelium. Haze contains a large amount of dust, pathogenic microorganisms, etc., when these sources of pollution as the human respiratory system into the blood, causing slow damage to the vascular endothelial cells, accelerate the formation of atherosclerosis. When induced in the cold and humid moist air running, the cold air is inhaled into the human body, the body’s blood vessels can not adapt to the sudden cold stimulation, so that blood vessels narrow, induced easy to induce vasospasm. Elevated blood pressure induced haze days running, in addition to low temperature induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but also because the air pressure is low, the air and make people depressed, restlessness, evoked in the elderly hypertension.相关的主题文章: