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Why telecommunications fraud rampant? Communications operators management oversight into a large reason – Beijing – trainee newspaper reporter Han Dandong reporter Zhao Li Tong on grants the phone, do not let sheshi Shandong Linyi girl Xu Yuyu remit 9900 yuan tuition. On the way home from the police, she suddenly cardiac arrest, the hospital invalid, unfortunately, in August 21st left the world. Telecommunications fraud created this tragedy. Coincidentally, Xu Yuyu received a telephone fraud on the same day, Tangtou Street Tower Village in Hedong District of Linyi City College Girl Xiao Qin (a pseudonym), also cheater cheated 6800 yuan tuition, girl grief stricken, to drop out. In heavy combat telecommunications fraud, why so rampant? Analysts believe that the disclosure of personal information, communications operators to prevent ineffective, the two major causes of crime provides an opportunity for criminals to the telecommunication operators in the implementation of real name system to intercept fraud information and other aspects of oversight is an important reason. The implementation of the real name system is not in place for Xu Yuyu’s fraud phone, the phone number is dialed by the beginning of 171. The so-called 170, paragraph 171, is the exclusive number of virtual operators. December 2013, the Ministry issued a virtual enterprise operator license, the approval of paragraph 170 as the exclusive number of virtual operators. According to the Ministry of unified planning, virtual operators to obtain business licenses for the market, in early 2014, to provide users with mobile communication services. According to media reports, as of now, the number of users in the development of virtual operators has reached about 31000000, 42 to get the approval of the pilot enterprises have 41 to carry out the business, there are 7 enterprises of the number of users has exceeded one million, which the number of enterprise users before 3 companies in 3 million to 6 million between. However, in the 170, paragraph 171 to enter the market soon, quickly become criminals for telecommunications fraud tools, the main reason is the implementation of the real name system ineffective. In July this year, the Ministry of Network Security Management Bureau carried out unannounced visits to the virtual operators new network phone users real name registration, make unannounced visits to the results showed that: 109 marketing outlets in 26 enterprises in the resale of unannounced, 37 outlets exist irregularities, illegal ratio is 33.9%, the marketing network of 50 entities, unannounced visits and found the illegal network 13, unannounced visits to network marketing outlets 59, found illegal outlets 24. In the process of unannounced visits, sharing communications, bus line, Zhongxing Road, Gome, Suning interconnection, Asd, Jingdong, Dr. Peng and other 15 resale companies are found violations, was named the Ministry of. Previously, the public security organs frequently issued 170, paragraph No. 171 telecommunications fraud heavy disaster warning. According to the reporter, since the establishment of the anti fraud center in Zhejiang, Wenzhou, received a report from the more than 3 thousand telephone fraud, paragraph 1, more than one in 170. This year, a total of 800 cases involving fraud involving more than 170 cases in Shenzhen. Shanghai city public"相关的主题文章: