With the joy that male female painting – Japanese anime ten cross-dressing ranking noiseware

With the joy that male female painting – Japanese anime ten cross-dressing ranking this concept now is a drag queen, often can see in his side, in fact, I really saw in the men’s room stood a lovely man. Just yesterday, I heard a man (that is, play the role of women in the drama) of the historical evolution, in fact, heavy taste. So our country should be more about the concept of cross-dressing is not strange, but now there are many works in the two dimension cross-dressing is It is often seen. In so many cross-dressing, let’s look at the ten most lovely cross-dressing! Tenth: Felix Argyll ("Re: start from zero of world life") Felix Argyll, this year the most popular with the drag queen role, but also the beast ear line, dubbing is Yui Horie. This is obviously a obviously is a typical female character set on male stereotype. If there is such a lovely male friend, I would like to have ah! Felix Argyll ninth: Tian Zhu (tide "Assassination" assassination, "teacher") is changed, the animation movie, there are collections of articles immediately theater version, as the protagonist Chao Tian Zhu, although seemingly weak gas, but the heart is strong, and can not reveal the murderous. Chao Tian Zhu: eighth star ("the odd group") that I’ve never seen…… Star seventh: white matter ("Naruto") "Naruto" at the time of the year, this is the biggest cheat to me, still feel this should be a white girl, but also in the "Naruto" in the color values in the female Ninja is very high. Hurt deep in remember. Sixth: the white kamatari ("Rurouni Kenshin") love villain Zhi Zhixiong man, estimates there should be a lot of women to the people! This article kamatari this navigation Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. Fifth: Chuan Ji ("Gao Ji daily") Chuan Ji was Norinari women boys also particularly interested in maid and blue and white fat, but also often given to kill die, think really terrible. Fourth: urushibara Liu Hua ("gate of") the boys wear dresses, in different time line have a different gender. Urushibara Liuhua third: Totsuka Ayaka ("my youth love story really a problem)") Totsuka add color do not see the difference! Cute girls than boys, women’s super high! Totsuka color plus second: ("journey to the Pataliluoxi Tripitaka master") the Tripitaka master comics or really not very familiar, but look, the Tripitaka master really is "Blonde" (Kinoshita Xiuyoshi first: "idiot, test, summon") wood show students has become a drag queen Hideyoshi Kyrgyzstan a pronoun, early when I just contacted the Japanese animation, that time also have a pronoun is mizuho. It is also beyond the predecessors hidekichi..相关的主题文章: