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With this set of mobile phone camera lens can have the tungsten wire net SLR Fan Er if I knew how to take a good picture, I always take good photos. — Robert Doisneau mobile phone camera performance more and more powerful, high pixel, double lens, self portrait to allow people to see dazzling, but many people have found that even the best mobile phone, photo shoot no SLR feeling. Many cases are not technical, but the equipment is not in place. Today Xiaobian recommend Xiaobian Amway a Momax X-LENS, a mobile phone camera after it is not Arabian Nights slr. Momax X-LENS, the packaging box contains 5 hard lens including CPL polarizer, 15x macro, 120° 2.5, doubling from wide-angle mirrors and 180° fisheye lens (15x macro, 120° wide angle is together), two lens holder, a storage box and a lanyard. Ensure that whenever and wherever possible and easy to carry. Lens shell with aluminum alloy material, exquisite workmanship, and each lens is equipped with protective cover is very intimate. At the bottom of the lens there is a spiral slot, you can like a bottle of mineral water to the lens as easily as the lens clip. You can see the lens is not large, but contains multiple lenses, very transparent. In addition, each side of the lens are printed logo, easy to identify. The lens is connected with the mobile phone through the lens holder, and the disassembly and installation are very convenient. But sometimes the lens will block the flash in low light camera will affect the imaging. Compared with normal shot photos and 2.5X Teleconverter comparing photos with this lens small 6S also has the ability of optical zoom, or 2.5, then to seckill 7p! Macro comparison, when someone is still blowing macro how cattle X mobile phone, took this picture to look at them, "what guarantee they terrified, the screen big fruit", Yuan hidden text or hair can make crystal clear. Macro depth is relatively shallow, easy to appear around the subject clear special fuzzy, it is very nice. In addition to macro shot close to shoot insects by mobile phone, or difficult. 180° wide-angle fisheye view, broad proofs, panoramic view, suitable for large buildings or some creative photos, is essential when traveling shot. Of course, it’s far more than that, how to use specific, to play their own imagination! 120° wide-angle proofs, and the figure compared to mount the lens after some photos from the perspective of a little wide, belong to the same travel lens. And 180° a fisheye lens distortion compared to the small number of photographs, closer to the truth. The final appearance of the polarizer is CPL, it is a kind of filter, it can prevent excessive exposure, eliminate stray light and reflective. You can simply think of it as a not so dark sunglasses, it can restore the object under strong reflection. CPL polarizer can be said to be photographed.相关的主题文章: