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Women wash underwear to pay special attention to 3 briefs, is a woman’s most intimate partner. Cleaning and nursing underpants are particularly important for the health of the woman privates. So, how to wash women’s underwear, the most healthy? Source: Oriental IC 1, cleaning, laundry detergent is not the best thing to be able to clean the hands of underwear, or a separate cleaning, try not to wash with pants, socks. Many girls in order to wash their clothes, often used too much detergent, but caused residual, causing skin allergies. 2, cotton cloth, ventilation and health a lot of women with lower itching, vaginal secretion smelly with color, this is the small pants material tight not ventilation caused problems. The purchase of small underpants, preferably in cotton cloth, loose design. In the ordinary day care to lower body health, have a special day in the capital to wear specially designed small underpants. Want to sweep the other half, can pay attention to the lower half of the clean health. 3, the sun, ultraviolet sterilization, many girls in order to maintain the image of the ladies, always put the small pants dry in a cool place. Such kindness will disappoint nature, because sunlight contains ultraviolet light, can sterilize and keep small underpants health. If you still feel shy to make small underpants to bask in the sun, we must use the dryer to completely dry the small pants. Clean the small pants, their only comfortable to wear. Experts remind: 1, need to change every day. Do not let the underwear for the night, or a large number of bacteria, will make it difficult to clean. 2, the need for hand washing underwear. A washing machine is not clean, and may lead to the spread of bacteria; two is the hand washing can increase friction density, conducive to local cleaning, so as to be washed cleaner. 3, what to wash underwear. As everyone knows, the woman’s genitals is a weak environment, cleaning supplies are generally alkaline, so choose not too strong, alkaline cleaning ability good cleaning agent, such as soap, or have the ability to disinfect soap. At the same time, it is best to prepare a dedicated cleaning utensils. In short, sometimes after the end of the dry underwear will be deformed, hair hard, this is due to the direct exposure of underwear. Underwear needs to be aired in a ventilated place, and then disinfected in the sun. Expert: Song Weidong相关的主题文章: