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Knowing that women suffering from sexually transmitted diseases still occur more than men and the relationship between Modern Express News (correspondent Zhou Yuanyuan reporter Wang Xiaoyu knowingly ceramics) suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, Lianyungang east woman Chen or two men have sexual relations, after the incident, Chen two was listed as online fugitives. Recently, Donghai County police through the WeChat chat, the success of "fish" suspects will be suspected of transmitting case fugitive arrested chen. In November 2011, the East China Sea Chen (female, 23 years old) in a hotel in Donghai County, knowing that they are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, at the price of 30 yuan and Lee have sex. After Chen in the same room, when the price to 30 yuan with another man Mao a sexual relationship, seized by police on the spot. After Chen bail refused to appear in November 5, 2013 by online pursuit, in December 10, 2013 after being arrested. After the period of the prosecution, procuratorate arraignment repeatedly not appearing in court, on June 10, 2014 to be online pursuit. Since then, due to Chen’s parents and other relatives do not cooperate, coupled with Chen’s strong sense of anti reconnaissance, the public security organs have never found traces of it. In the investigation of desperation, the police immediately change the means of investigation, the micro signal successfully obtain Chen, a "WeChat started fishing". Police investigating the initiative to add Chen as a friend of WeChat, will soon be verified by the suspect micro signal, the two sides become WeChat friends. At first, several times in the chat, make an appointment with the police, Chen was decisively rejected, Chen said she only online chat, not with strangers. In order not to act rashly and alert the enemy, the police continue to tepid and keep contact WeChat. Recently, perhaps is the elimination of the guard, since that security, Chen in the chat has become active and enthusiastic, police again proposed meeting, and put forward the good 10 minutes to meet big red, the Chen did not refuse to agree. But Chen of the meeting place in about the larger flow of people in Haizhou District of Cangwu garden square, which undoubtedly increased certain difficulty to capture the work. The arrest in the afternoon, organized by the Donghai County Bureau of Interpol brigade police arrested the group arrived in Cangwu Luyuan square Haizhou District, and then by the police to the appointment location. Along the way, the police have always maintained a hot chat with Chen WeChat. At 17:30 PM, a woman suspected of Chen’s appearance into the appointment location, arrest team by comparing photographs after confirmation, quickly arrested chen. Through the interrogation, Chen on November 2011 in knowing that they are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, with Mao Lee, a sexual relationship confessed to the crime at the price of 30 yuan.相关的主题文章: