Wuhan, a university library introduced new regulations to borrow the first exam (video) t420s

Wuhan, a university library introduction of new regulations: to borrow a book to get the exam to get a student ID card to the library to borrow books, the first through the library entrance exam". Recently, the Wuhan University of Science and Technology library, a new rule triggered heated debate, the school said it was part of the new entrance education. "I think that it is easy to start, I did not expect to do two times did not pass, after learning, it got more than and 80 points." Huangjiahu campus freshman Wu Shutian said that after the training, she was ready to go to the library to borrow books, entered the examination system under the guidance of the staff, passed the test by two times. According to reports, in the library ", students can understand the general situation of the library, admission notice, borrowing books and electronic resources such as reader services, and then participate in the knowledge through test scores after passing the centralized traffic" campus card "and" borrowing "permission, otherwise unable to borrow books and other services and research space reservation. The reporter learned that, according to the new entrance examination is in ten, ten multiple choice judgment, thirty single topic, two points for each question, a score of sixty to the top through. These questions include "one-time undergraduate students can borrow at most how many books" "library is telephone number" "library closing time" to borrow books details. The staff of the school library, library setting examination, mainly is to guide students to the library, and master certain knowledge of literature retrieval, rational and effective use of library resources to carry out the study, students can independently allocate time through computer, mobile phone and other terminal login page and answer, more flexible. (reporter correspondent Ye Xiaolang Zhou Zhitao) related video super embarrassing! The guy sing a sister up by security away in the library相关的主题文章: