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Xiamen – what is strong, self – Sohu and Qiang Qiangqiang fliport man Na, must get their happy, when dining more happy, troubled when eating a big meal is no trouble! One food is not good order, two people eat at the menu in a daze, many people eat buffet, food Tastes differ all tastes., what to eat what? So the problem is, Xiamen large and small cafeteria also has dozens of, which is a good choice? Of course fliport Software Park in the cafeteria. I know people who know, the Amway I have countless times, it is Xiamen numerous cafeteria dishes the most comprehensive a. In the software park two Simon bus station behind the fliport Software Park Hotel Buffet Restaurant, the first floor of the restaurant to pick the high self, people of vision feeling. And every night, there’s a piano. Delicacy and Miller two concurrently. Love fliport, because of his rich dishes, many cafeterias are mostly in the dish, but fliport Software Park in the cafeteria, hot type is also very rich, so his audience is not limited to young people who love to eat Western-style food, more levels of the elderly parents. During seasonal conversion, fliport will always be the introduction of a variety of different characteristics with the solar term delicacy. Xiamen has just started in the winter, in November, fliport has launched a small self-help Hot pot buffet can, Nani, and the type of self-help self-help Hot pot, Hot pot quite rich. The bottom of the pot is divided into clear soup and spicy, hot and very rich material. From Anoectochilus to ice grass, from live shrimp to grouper fish, is thrown from the crab to beef and mutton, and even dip has ten or twenty. It is open second stomachs, self-help Hot pot boiled up. Even in the Hot pot area side, also saw the Sichuan string, yes, is a string, a string of cold days, it is delicious! All kinds of seafood, prawns, crabs, Qingkou, conch, is really a superb collection of beautiful things. And it is worth noting that the dishes are very fast. We have fried stalls area I love most recently added lamb chops, grilled, fried bullfrog chicken, chicken and fresh chicken go ah! On the feeding zone has an infinite number of salmon, Arctic shellfish sashimi, more visual and taste as one of the Assorted Sushi dishes. Desserts and beverages, Yan value is high, and there is fruit juice, beer, coffee, yogurt and so on, there are hot stew. There are kinds of fruit kiwi, papaya and other seven or eight kinds of a sea and air all kinds of rich ingredients, and hot and cold dishes are Hot pot string stalls, on which Xiamen self-help, self-help Bai Xiang Qiang Qiangqiang! Consumer Tips: Name: Xiamen fliport Software Park Hotel cafeteria address: software park two sunrise Road No. 1.相关的主题文章: