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Xiao Zheng three: to ensure a sustained growth in car market to do the four drive car Sohu [editor’s note] November 17, 2016, sponsored by the China market society, automobile Sohu, Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee of automotive industry guidance, Chinese Automobile Circulation Association special support "Tenth China automobile marketing channel Competitiveness Forum financial development Summit" in held in Guangzhou. Many industry experts, car companies and dealers, automobile financial elite gathered auto channel change and Internet plus trend of new business, new forces under auto finance, in-depth discussion. The following is the Secretary General of the China Automobile Dealers Association Xiao Zheng three speech. Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! And we are delighted to be here to attend the Automobile Dealers Association long-term strategic partner Sohu automobile new thinking of · the tenth session of the new financial China automobile marketing channel Competitiveness Forum financial development summit. The rapid development of China’s automobile industry, promote the transformation process of China’s auto market product oriented consumer oriented seller market to buyer market, Chinese automobile market has matured, and presents the new demand and demand of intelligent driver because at present our country car production has entered the high growth times therefore, the situation, to ensure sustainable growth of the automobile market of our country, we think that we must do four drive: one is to cultivate high just, boost consumer confidence; two is to revitalize the stock; the three is the development of automobile finance, change the concept of consumers, the use of financial leverage of second-hand car consumption; four is to speed up the old the car out of the market. At present, the automobile finance lags behind on the automobile market, the financial current occupancy rate is about 18%, in May 26th this year our 100 conference is an important index that is 100 enterprises financial occupancy rate of only 30%, the United States reached 87%, the United Kingdom and Japan reached 60%, in the automobile finance especially car rental is the best means to boost sales our car, the United States reached 50% in China is less than 5%, this is the existence of our automobile financial aspects of the biggest gap, is our biggest development space of automobile finance. Therefore, we are in the development of consumer habits, but also hope that our financial institutions to seize such a huge cake, a huge opportunity to launch close to the market or be recognized by consumers of financial products. At the same time as the automobile industry we should actively carry out integration and seamless connection with automobile financial institutions, make full use of financial products to provide services for consumers to expand the new car used car consumption, in order to promote the development of the automobile industry. By the Guangzhou auto show, build a communication platform, on 2016 China automobile and automobile financial industry benchmarking enterprises were strengthened, and hope we make good use of this opportunity of this platform, together, provide suggestions for the development of our automobile industry finally thanks flow, distinguished guests.相关的主题文章: