Xinhua published an article China crazy property market may be just a prelude-crycry

Xinhua published an article: China crazy property market may be just a prelude to source: Si Ke recommend this article, from the public, "wisdom Valley trend" (zgtrend). The article makes some insightful observations on the current economic trends in China, including the recent rise in the property market and the shift from capital to virtual reality. Recommended for everyone to read. This article has authorized. The article is long, but it is worth reading. In a healthy economy, should be "God’s return to God, Kaiser to Kaiser, the real economy and the virtual economy play their proper role, but now, a large number of capital flows to the real economy, and to the virtual field. "Off the real to virtual", is to talk about China’s economic situation can not avoid the word. It is worth noting that, now off the real to virtual development to a new stage. Money flowing into the property market is known as a typical off real to virtual, but now, even if the money flowing into the property market, but also do not do real estate, but to hype the capital market. Flow of money in the financial sector, not the main industry, but tend to short-term speculation. "Off the real to the virtual" will bring China’s economy? This Sniper War can reverse the situation? Two There was no parallel in history. data: "off the virtual reality is very serious in the reform and opening up thirty years of history, such a" off to a real wealth that sports virtual "is extremely rare. In the past, through the operation of the capital has become its big upstart, doing business as speculation money already heard, but this year, several successive out data show that There was no parallel in history., now become the trend, growing off the real to the imaginary movement is a bit different. Here only two data to illustrate the problem: 1 private fixed asset investment decline in private fixed asset investment decline, this year China’s economy is one of the most striking changes. The original firmly maintained at two digit growth in fixed asset investment, this year 1-7 month has slipped to 2.1%, the passive situation, quite rare. Growth is almost stagnant appearance, behind the surging reality is that people do not dare to spend as much money as before to invest in industrial. Private enterprises must not only hold up half the sky, Chinese economy the real economy may have if things go on like this, the danger of bleeding. 2 personal loans outbreak "enterprise large hoard money desperately, the residents to buy a house" and "this is off the virtual reality hit it off, reflected in the evolution of credit, so abnormal data: in July the central bank’s new RMB loans 463 billion 600 million yuan, of which, the household sector new loans amounted to 457 billion 500 million yuan. You know, in the past five years of new loans each year, the proportion of loans are less than 40%, corporate loans is the big head. Only in July of this year, while residents are mainly used to buy new long-term loans (most of the mortgage) actually covered almost all new loans. In the reform and opening up economic history, this is the first time I’m afraid. In other words, the power to borrow money to invest in enterprises disappeared, and the enthusiasm of residents to buy a house to buy high. Before the enterprise lending less, also appeared to residents of slave, but by the mortgage to hold up all new loans, extremely rare. Instead of buying a house, No.相关的主题文章: