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Xinjiang has released two drones, powerful and shocking – technology Sohu released in mid October Xinjiang Mavic Pro UAV evaluation, the love child norm (micro signal: iFanr Odin) editor that UAV Mavic Pro is not perfect, the UAV is the most satisfactory. However, in just a month after today, Mavic Pro is not necessarily the most satisfactory uav. The Mavic Pro pulled down from the throne of the first, it is precisely the two heavy new products released in the early morning of Xinjiang Xinjiang – Inspire and wizard Pro. Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for your wallet? Two years later, Inspire finally released the 2 Inspire is a professional grade aerial Xinjiang released in 2014 November of the UAV, modular Zen thinking can replace the camera, telescopic tripod, head of the powerful omnidirectional configuration makes Inspire 1 by many professional photographers to replace the powerful but although the performance of large six axis heavy and complicated UAV aerial. In the past two years, Xinjiang has released a M4 3 system based on X5 and X5R meditation aerial camera because of the camera in two, can be installed on the Inspire 1, so Inspire 1 body only in the past two years has experienced the power, designs and other minor changes. Although the camera performance is very strong, but because of Xinjiang in 2016 has launched with the computer vision and redundancy design advanced configuration wizard 4, Mavic Pro, in contrast to a powerful camera PTZ can hide the Inspire 1 low level of automation, short battery life, and large size. However, Inspire series of slow upgrade process is also good, Xinjiang can put their own in the past 2 years, the most representative of the new technology altogether into Inspire 2, surprise four. Facts have proved that Xinjiang really do so. 1 strong flight performance speeding while Inspire 2 contains two batteries, do not install the camera weighs up to 3.29 kg heavier than Inspire 1, but this does not affect its output power amazing. Inspire 2 maximum level flight speed of up to 108 KM H, but this time the obstacle avoidance function does not work. Inspire 2 is equipped with meditation X4S lens maximum flight time of up to 27 minutes, while the Inspire flight time of only about 15 minutes in the. (Tencent video) in simple terms, Xinjiang in improving the weight of Inspire 2, but also further enhance its endurance. Longer endurance with more powerful motor power means a battery pack相关的主题文章: