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Xu Weizhou served as the Asian animal fund "Guan Aiyue bear" spokesperson – Hunan Channel – people.com.cn recently, popular idol Xu Weizhou as the Asian animal Fund (AAF) to protect bear project spokesperson, to Sichuan Longqiao bear rescue centre to visit the bears, under the leadership of the staff personally for their baby bear month preparing food, and call we wish the public welfare, "initiative, Guan Aiyue bear". Asian black bear is our country two levels of protection of animals, because the chest was born with a circle of beautiful gold, crescent shaped hair, but also affectionately known as the "moon bear". The bear is an internationally recognized endangered species and is listed in Annex I to the Convention on international trade in endangered species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). With the rare animal known, such as the giant panda, Tibetan antelope, need attention and protection of threatened animal. At present, in China, the current situation is very worrying bear. Repeated illegal trade, habitat fragmentation caused by deforestation, as well as the use of the industry from the bear bile extraction and other reasons, so that the number of wild bear population decreased year by year. The scene, Xu Weizhou personally to bear their month to prepare food, apples, kiwi fruit and other foods rich in vitamin C food hidden in the full moon bear the regular activities of the tree holes, rock crevices. The first time close to see naive may bear, Xu Weizhou very excited, with a variety of mobile phone records next month bear. In the introduction of staff, Xu Weizhou understand the moon bear survival condition, to bear the plight he expressed deep concern, called for more people to care for the bears: "these black bear rescue back process is not easy, I think this is a need to adhere to treatment, with love what we need to accomplish this thing, if you have power, together to support the actions of protecting the right of black bear." Debut less than a year, Xu Weizhou in obtaining a high degree of concern while also actively fulfill their social responsibility, and constantly to the public with positive energy. Along the way, we see him support Yancheng disaster affected families, we initiated a charity fund to help the blind, called on fans to join public action, which is why AAF would choose him as the voice of reason: "invited Xu Weizhou as" a public fund, the Asian animal care bears "from the spokesperson, he has been enthusiastic about public welfare. I believe that under his influence, there will be more young people keen on public welfare undertakings, concerned about animal welfare." (Chen Qinxing, handsome commissioning editor: Ronaldo)相关的主题文章: