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Yang Yang said, actor or work to speak,   give up the color value is very relaxed! Guizhou Channel – people.com.cn interview Yang Yang play to the high Lengnan God Yang Yang to give up the "face value"! Yesterday, the movie "passing from your world", Yang Yang played eighteen Mao hair, wearing black rimmed glasses, like a Indoorsman image technology not to stick at trifles. The day before, reporter interviewed Yang Yang in Beijing, interviewed in the dressing room he very comfortable casual. Yang Yang said that his favorite is the performance, Mao eighteen this role is also very relaxed, do not have to toss the image every day, and even do not wash your hair! Completely relaxed." For all kinds of comments on the value of his acting on the network, Yang Yang said he did not care, the actor or the work to speak, I know what kind of person, he is happy enough." Mao eighteen is not the same as Yang Yang Guangzhou Daily: this time Mao Mao eighteen you completely cover up the value of their own, why did they take this role? Yang Yang: this role can not toss themselves every day, relax, do not wash your hair, completely relaxed. I enjoy playing the role of Mao eighteen, do not care about their image. Guangzhou Daily: a lot of fans because of Xiao Nai fell in love with you, but Mao eighteen with Xiao Nai from the appearance to the character of the gap is very big, will worry about fans can not accept it? Yang Yang: No, many fans have seen the role played before, are not the same type. In fact, Mao eighteen is a good thing to do, so that we can see for a long time did not see Yang Yang, see the different side of the Yang Yang. I also hope that through continuous learning to improve performance, accumulate more experience, so that the work and role of recognition. Guangzhou Daily: we have recently discussed a lot of your body, you can share how you keep your body? Yang Yang: I do not know how to be concerned about the size of the. May usually be fitness, but also may have a relationship with a child learning dance. (Zhu Xiaohui, commissioning editor Chen Kangqing) also need to experience acting Guangzhou Daily: this drama and Bai Baihe have a lot of scenes, how do you feel? Yang Yang: white sister and litchi temperament is very similar, let me feel very warm. In fact, I was very nervous at the beginning, but also because the pressure in the film I was a newcomer, afraid to drag the hind legs. She really can learn a lot of things to do, such as the way the lines, so they perform, I will go to the back of the monitor. Guangzhou Daily: and Deng Chao? Yang Yang: Deng Chao’s performance in the play, I still do not learn at one thirty, acting or experience. Guangzhou Daily: the audience has always been fascinated by your face value, it is to enjoy or bound for you? Yang Yang: I do not think that the value of Yan is troubled, in fact, the actor appeared on the screen, we want to see the beauty of you is reasonable. But I still want to put this down, try something deeper. I did not, but to exercise their own in every play, the accumulation of experience. It can not be said that everyone will start acting since childhood, this is impossible, the accumulation of)相关的主题文章: