Yang Zhen Real Madrid lottery Rome offer Wendan away defeat against Inter tda7294

Yang Zhen: Real Madrid Rome Xian lottery Wendan inter away defeat anti Yang Zhen 1, lottery recommended Chelsea VS man         promotion: 31 the game has been touted for a week, Mourinho to the identity of the enemy back to the Standford bridge natural concern. From the previous game, Liverpool had cold-shoulder treatment in the United Front, but also a lot of two teams draw, this field should draw high heat. The lineup aspect, both sides can send the main battle, but in the League Cup United League chances, and Ibrahimovic seemed to show signs of weakness, I think it will affect the performance of the game. 2, Leipzig VS Bremen       promotion: 31 Leipzig has been used and the year of Kaiserslautern in Bayern this year, especially in the case of weak start, speculation that Leipzig has no top chance. Bremen although the recent 3 round 2 wins, 1 unbeaten, but the current Leipzig suffered a very high degree of speculation, the the plate even out of a ball low water dish. But on the one hand aocai a ball half water by injection, on the other hand, the present day found big differences, reinforcing better. 3, Shaerke VS Mainz       promotion: 31 Schalke League mess, Europa League group phase 3 game winning streak, this trend as the Premier League Leicester city. Mainz has 4 consecutive game winless, but in addition to the Embolo squad, Schalke a long time, the other main can play, and the Mainz Rodrigues encounter ban. The game disc hemisphere water, let the ball advantage Schalke is not large, but the heat is not high, I think 3 is preferred. 4, VS   in Atlanta;   meters;     promotion: 30 icardi Alexander recently in the League Cup, although played the full 90 minutes but no contribution. At present, more and more people began to criticize the content of his autobiography, this guest game, I do not know the fans will give him the pressure will be smaller. Although the week in the Champions League Cup win, but the Southampton side refused, a visible inter win. This ball disk guest Let flat half water, inter recent mood instability, coach De Boer has a lot of pressure, I think the two teams may be higher. 5, Empoli VS cut   wo      ; promotion: 3 Empoli attack is very bad, the last round of Genoa early dismissal of 1 people, were unable to score empoli. Although the last round of Chievo lost to Milan, but the overall look, the season of good performance. The disc to tie Pam Don Polly low water, but aocai deliberately give rise disk flat half high water by note, at present at least draw little chance, I found a tendency to play bo. 6 VS    , Croteau Naples;;   promotion: 0 Naples week in the Champions League)相关的主题文章: