You can’t get up in the fall without a rock and roll

Autumn is not wearing rock and roll children’s coat, you simply can not afford to get up [Abstract] when the Chinese rock for 30 years, may wish to wear casual autumn coat to add a few rock style. Locomotive, long hair, leather jacket, jeans, velvet suit, thin, feared a "rebel" clothing and coerced rock it together, the traditional dress and pierce the inherent mode of music, and with each other. Denim jacket, leather jacket and narrow body suit, has long been numerous rock stars wear into the fashion circle indispensable style single. Warm all-match, wearing in casual, formally entered the autumn season, such a coat can easily create a rock style. The history of denim jacket denim jacket can be traced back to the early nineteenth Century, it even earlier than the emergence of jeans. Washing, wear and tear, stains, these on denim special treatment, a combination of each piece of denim jacket wanton unique individuality – and is a bright and colorful bewildering, rock stars ever again. In the last century, the golden age of rock, a denim jacket also insisted on the original indigo, few other modifications. John · Lennon often wears a denim jacket in 70s appear in public, he always used to love T-shirt and trousers collocation denim jacket, at that time it seems odd shape, now have become the trend of the way of dressing. Love a denim jacket with a T-shirt and trousers collocation of the Lennon Paul · Mccartney might be called is the most stylish father, at that time, his brown wavy hair collocation retro style dress, the most beautiful of the unique and gentle temperament. Husband and wife of the two men’s denim jacket on the tide is now the tide of the father can learn the example of mom. Their daughter, Stella McCartney, has inherited the fashion taste of two couples. We also look forward to, in the Stella McCartney this year’s upcoming men’s series, there may be a lot of inspiration from the creation of rock father. Paul · Mccartney and his wife Linda jean jacket collocation metal band couple loyal fans of · bassist Cliff Burton; the impression is always dressed in a denim jacket and trousers, with his brown micro volume long hair made him a metal band in the most recognizable member. Like the Beatles music and the creation of gentle style is different, Cliff · Burton’s denim jacket is more rough, the hole joint and pocket water traces and knees showed metal hot and rebellious attitude. Cliff · Burton at the show a cowboy collocation of Cliff · Burton’s unique personality in the band as the representative of the new generation of rock band twenty-one pilots, recently released by "Dutch act" team, by virtue of their theme song Heathens rage. The band’s veteran Taylor · Joseph; preference for dark clothing, he chose the cowboy coat color is dark blue black. Taylor · Joseph (right) dressed in long white T collocation相关的主题文章: