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UnCategorized Your Golden Dreams is Ready to launch, and we are the first people in the world to know about it. The work behind this program is simply amazing. It has been almost nine months is setting up, testing and working out the bugs. Finally Your Golden dreams is ready to launch for total one time cost of $19.97. This is the program I have been hinting about for the last few months, now we are ready to go. You can take a look at the program here: ..yourgoldendreams.. The aim behind this program is to help us to promote and build our down lines into the Five Main YGD Core Programs which are: Your Cash Cow Secret MLM Super Eden S4P Multiple And FriendsWin And we may be adding a few more like Fortune 5 Minutes and the second Program from The Secret MLM. Plus you can also advertise up to five of your other programs, products or services. This is basically a business in a box helping us to promote and develop multiple YGD is the brain child of Anthony Machado from Uruguay and has had a lot of input from key STI members as well as myself. We have set this up as a total team effort. The Pay Plan is designed to help everyone. The heavy hitters and those who don’t even like to promote. It is a .bination of a 6×5 matrix and a unique one up plan. What makes the one up so different is that it is the second entry that goes up not the first. While sponsoring is not required there are benefits for those that do. If you don’t sponsor you can still make a good profit, and also get help to build your down line in both YGD and the core programs if you are a member of those. The payouts are instant via e-gold. As a person signs up they make a total of six e-gold payments to the admin and their up-line. This way we are paid as we grow for a total one time cost of $19.97. There will be a VIP membership at a later date which will be a monthly cost for those wishing to extend their and advertising efforts. You do not have to join the other programs, they are there if you choose to join, or if you are already in them, to help you promote and build down lines. Now this is important. YGD is a cookie based program. The cookies stay active for 90 days. This means that someone clicks on your link they can-not sign up under anyone else for 90 days. Equally if you have problems signing up you may need to clear your cookies. Anthony strives to support everyone, so If you strike a problem you can contact him by all means posted on the support section on the web site. As stated on the title, could this be finally the site where everybody earns? I guess it is. I’ve seen the same package sold in other sites for $47 or even $97 (which is a bargain anyway). At Your Golden Dreams, for only $19,97 you not only get the marketing package plus an Advertising Package, plus a Downline Builder for your other programs but also an unselfish affiliate program, a chance to receive big passive in.e and, most important, you don’t have to wait to be paid. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: