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Zengji Suning football team Nubian injection fear into the sports marketing industry case – Sohu technology currently has entered the final stage of the Super League, the team between the increasingly fierce competition, the Jiangsu Suning football team just 6:1 victory over Shijiazhuang, Yongchang, ranked first in the Guangzhou constant big bite. So, do not say who will be able to win, it is now ranked one or two in terms of the gap is the gap between the one or two games, who can laugh at the end is hard to say. Only skillful at this important node, Chinese famous mobile phone enterprises — Jiangsu Suning to Nubian football team sent the Z11C Luo collection of limited edition mobile phone, Jiangsu Suning team cheer. Have to say, in the field of national attention to the event, the Nubian Suning will not become a big team a chance to advance the enterprise sports marketing example China? An influx of capital, super staged capital power competition with more and more handsome and champion to join the "super free underdog" to describe this year’s Super League little too. But this situation, thanks to the 2015 China football ushered in the good news that "China officially announced football reform plan", 50 reform measures directed at the core of Chinese football system ills, major reform efforts let many users refer to: China foot ball spring! "The overall program announced" China football after the reform, development goals, China football system, personnel, facilities, events will begin to gradually improve. In the Chinese football reform program announced the latest season, the attention of the super ball market has exceeded any previous period. Therefore, it can be said that the best era of Chinese football, but also the best time for the layout of football marketing, the industry has aimed at the opportunity to bring this reform, a large influx of capital into the super crazy. With the injection of super capital, the introduction of world-class players, so that the strength of the team itself greatly enhanced, so the development prospects are generally optimistic. For example, the new season’s Super League copyright fees on the sale of 5 yuan a big price of $8 billion, the price is not want to think of an astronomical figure, but after the football reform has become a reality. The super hot surface is actually behind the capital strength of the competition. For example, in June 5, 2014, a 50% stake in Hengda football club is a Alibaba to 1 billion 200 million yuan to buy, and then change the name as "the Guangzhou Hengda Taobao team". A year later, in 2015, Guangzhou Evergrande won the Super League title, in November 6th, Guangzhou Hengda Taobao Football Club officially listed on the new board listed on the. Coincidentally, in 2016 February, LETV also reached an agreement with CITIC Group, LETV financed the acquisition of 50% stake in the club, and the Nubian is spent 150 million yuan to become the 2016 Suning soccer club in the super stadium main sponsor, get Suning football players return in the super stadium all match Jersey chest advertising, Suning will also be the football team for the full endorsement of the Nubian smart mobile phone. Some capital injection into the football club for their own development of a high cost of investment, which touched the old pattern of football, Super League相关的主题文章: