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Zhang Rui: regulatory portfolio conducive to consolidating the foundation of sina finance A stock market App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you further improve the rules and regulations of Zhang Rui falls with 3 months of the end of the comment period for you, "management measures" major asset restructuring of listed companies formally implemented. The "measures" on the basis of the original made targeted and more operational changes, such as the draft shareholders of listed companies, the actual control of the original lock and its associated transfer to other specific object in the process of trading shares are not explicitly, the revised "measures" are made clear "specific objects" in the transaction process from the main body of the direct or indirect transferee of shares of the listed company, should also be a public commitment not transferred within 36 months. Such modifications have been made to prevent the subject from evading the obligation of sale by transferring shares to other specific objects. Also, the "measures" add "listed companies in 12 consecutive months for the same or related assets to buy, sell, calculate the corresponding amount of the content separately based on the cumulative number of listed companies, so we can prevent a purchase and regulation of the cyclotron meter. All in all, the approach is refreshing. In the "backdoor" threshold and sell shell cost at the same time, substantially reducing the "pseudo" shell shell "rubbish" the profit space, which is bound to strengthen the delisting system rigidity, activate the self circulation function of the capital market survival of the fittest. Regulators also resorted to a combination of boxing, in the specification of mergers and acquisitions at the same time, this year the Commission also strengthened governance from the source of IPO, thus promoting the formation of a new routine treatment and warning method of market supervision reform go hand in hand. Data show that, as of now, there will not be listed companies will have 744, according to the current issue rate of IPO, only the stock of enterprises will need to digest a few years after the end of the queue. In order to ease the IPO queue congestion, corporate self-examination and review in the application based on IPO, the Commission launched a special financial verification operation, at the same time, the Commission launched a IPO issue of fraud and illegal disclosure of information of special law enforcement actions, covering the issuer and the controlling shareholder and actual controller, the main types of intermediary institutions. The two actions of coordination and matching, the purpose of the listing of scarce resources optimization, and hope to receive the effect of eliminating the disadvantages of improved market. Intermediaries get purged whether mergers and acquisitions or the issuance of new shares, securities companies, asset evaluation agencies active in the capital market play an important role in the level of compliance, these institutions and ethics directly affects the healthy and stable operation of the whole market. Therefore, unlike in the past, in the interest of listed companies and the main IPO at the same time, a new round of regulation is also key to the intermediary organizations gathered out of the fire, dereliction of duty and some of the illegal securities brokerage, out of the huge fines, and the number of audit assessment institutions are investigated, and some open three new board does not comply with the permissions for a large number of standard investor violations also received a serious warning regulators. In addition, according to the requirements of regulators, brokers and other agencies also launched on相关的主题文章: