Zhao Liying, rouge TV drama introduction the complete set of 45 episodes introduced to the fi-ca1835

Zhao Liying Lu Yi "rouge" TV drama introduction   45 complete set is introduced to the finale – Guangdong Channel – people.com.cn original title: Zhao Liying Lu Yi "rouge" TV drama introduction 45 complete set is introduced to end this episode blue rouge rouge third officially joined the National Salvation Association decided to help save the rouge blue this Congress a song, but once into the spy world Mian know, no one can go out, he wanted to stop the blue rouge, but it was too late. Go to the blue Rouge also have specially bought a gift for Feng Manna, and asked her if the last Rouge box is in the Feng family, Liu Ma said that I’ve seen blue rouge rouge box wastebasket in the study of Feng Zixiong, Mrs Feng listen to immediately stop Liu Ma continued and scolded her big mouth. Blue Rouge with Feng Manna in the terrace chat, Feng Manna said Feng Zixiong said on the one or two day Japs bombs will fall on their head, they will soon know what is littered with corpses, blood. Blue Rouge secretly really seen her mother willow Rouge box, Liu Ma has just been reprimanded by Mrs Feng, only then changed it dazzled wrong. Blue Rouge secretly went to Feng Zixiong’s study, found that the unburnt scraps of information at this time, Mrs Feng back, strange what the study door locked, heard the sound of the blue Rouge hurriedly hid under the table. Mrs Feng will take back from the Bank of gold bullion into the safe, if Mrs Feng has left out from under the desk, blue rouge, will soon take scraps of paper to Wan Zhichao, Wan Zhichao sure Feng Zixiong has a problem, and now can only contact Feng Zixiong blue rouge, song Mian tried everything to make blue Rouge back the Feng family again. (Yang Jieli, commissioning editor Zhang Haiyan) original title: Zhao Liying Lu Yi "rouge" TV drama introduction 45 complete set is introduced to the finale song blue coffee please excuse Mian Rouge for her help, blue Rouge with friends said friendship and trust to exchange information, unless the song Mian persuade her, or love her song Mian made it clear that it could not, because he has a sweetheart, blue Rouge grabbed the song Mian wallet, see a photo in the sandwich, the woman in the photo she called Lin Tianmu, is her classmate but in different classes, let Song Mian take her to see Lin Tianmu. Song Mian drive blue rouge to see Lin Tianmu, at the intersection when also bought a bag of sweets, came to the church, Lin Tianmu is teaching a group of children, while song Mian buy candy is for those children. Chat that these children are from the Northeast because of the war. A child with a Steamed Buns ran out into the street, blue Rouge went out, the devil bombers overhead at this time, Feng Manna said that blue Rouge remembered on the terrace the mood is very heavy, and the child to a safe place. Blue blush slightly wounded, in the hospital, with the blue song Mian rouge to apologize, he has not agreed to the innocent people involved, but sometimes it is also under the current affairs, blue Rouge decided to join the national salvation Council, but she has a condition, if Feng Manna did not participate in espionage, 000 Zhichao ensure von Mena. Wan Zhichao readily agreed. Feng Zixiong arranged for Feng Manna to have an engagement相关的主题文章: