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Zhejiang beauty doctors found Zika virus drug (Figure) original title: Zhejiang doctors found Zika virus effective drugs, works by the U.S. media reports have appeared in the epidemic, 60 countries and regions in the world but has not had the vaccine and corresponding treatment of Zika virus, recently there have been major breakthroughs in medical research. (9) the surging news learned from the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital affiliated to the Zhejiang University School of medicine, the hospital sent to the National Institutes of translational medicine research center study ICU doctor Xu Miao, recently to the first author in the world authoritative magazine "NatureMedicine" ("Nature Medicine") published a treatise called effective drugs in 6000, a range of options find three kinds of treatment drugs Curitiba Zika virus. Dr. Xu miao. Starting in March this year, the National Center for translational medicine research, John ·, the University of Hopki and the Florida State University, are working together to study the effective drugs for the treatment of the infection. Xu Miao et al published in the treatise, this paper describes three kinds of treatment found village card virus effective drugs, including: Emricasan (a caspase inhibitor), can effectively protect brain cells from damage Zika virus; Niclosamide (niclosamide, anti intestinal worms) and CDK inhibitors (such as PHA-690509), can effectively inhibit the replication of the virus and are synergistic antiviral effect. Studies have shown that these drugs are effective in Africa, Asia and Puerto Rico. In August 29th, research results of "Xu wonderful doctors and scientists in the United States identification ofsmall-molecule inhibitors of Zika virus infection and induced neural cell deathvia a drug repurposing screen" (the study of small molecule drug resistant Zika virus infection and its treatment cause nerve cell necrosis, in the form of) works published in "NatureMedicine". The same day, the "Wall Street journal" to "Potential Zika VirusTherapies Identified by Researchers (researchers find new treatments Zika virus) carried a special report; the National Institutes of Health (NIH) real-time news release" NIH (NIH collaboration helpsadvance potential Zika treatments cooperative research Zika virus treatment progress)". At the same time, the United States and Europe and some other mainstream media have also been reported for the first time: the researchers not only found a small molecule drug treatment Zika virus, and all drug screening results into an open PubChem database, shared with researchers around the world, to make a positive contribution to the study of Zika virus.相关的主题文章: