Zhou Xijian, chairman of the pharmaceutical industry as the future development strategy more clear marie digby

Zhou Xijian served as chairman of Huaren pharmaceutical future development strategy more clear hot column capital flows thousands thousand shares rating stocks the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million Securities Times reporter Cui Xiaoli in September 6th, has just completed a controlling stake in change of China Ren Pharmaceutical (300110) held in 2016 third extraordinary general meeting and the meeting of the board of directors, elected a new board of directors and senior management. Among them, the actual control of the company chairman Zhou Xijian served as president of the company, Zhou Xijian’s cousin Zhou Qiang, chairman of the company, the company chairman Liang Fuyou as honorary chairman. The controlling power of the company and the board of directors completed a smooth transition, the future development of strategic planning increasingly clear. In July this year, Huaren group will hold 174 million shares (Huaren pharmaceutical listed companies accounted for 26.46% of total equity), with 9.53 yuan of shares respectively to the investment and management of Hengfeng Yongyu Hengfeng Yongyu to transfer 110 million shares and 63 million 751 thousand and 400 shares. After the completion of the transfer, the shares held by China Pharmaceutical Group, Hua Wei pharmaceutical ratio decreased from 42.60% to 16.14%, is no longer the controlling shareholder of the company. Yongyu Hengfeng investment, Hengfeng Yongyu management will together hold 26.46% stake in the company, the company’s actual controller to change to Zhou Xijian. It is reported that Guangdong Yongyu and Hengfeng Yongyu health industry or for a long time in the future to maintain steady growth with confidence, the future will use the platform of listed companies to effectively integrate resources, optimize the listed company’s main business, improve the operating performance of listed companies, improve the quality of assets of listed companies, listed companies to enhance profitability and sustainable development ability. According to the announcement, the first half of 2016, the company achieved operating income of 5.8 billion yuan, an increase of 16.14%; attributable to owners of the parent company net profit of 3 million 61 thousand and 300 yuan, a year earlier than the 85.28% reduction. However, the company product sales and sales revenue of dialysis respectively over the same period last year growth of 53.37% and 44.06%, the number of peritoneal dialysis patients over the same period last year growth of 133.37% accept. Insiders said that the current Huaren pharmaceutical development space in the field of peritoneal dialysis should not be underestimated. The company official said, Huaren pharmaceutical is currently in the adjustment and development of strategic opportunities, the company will use asset and market advantage in the stable development of Hengfeng Yongyu, infusion, Liquor Dialysisintraperitoneus business at the same time, in order to Huaren nephropathy hospital as the carrier, through the medical service to promote PD product sales, promote the development of research and development and the pharmaceutical business, the construction company blood purification ecosystem field of the whole industry chain. In the new business expansion, the company will continue to accelerate the pace of mergers and acquisitions, or mergers and acquisitions in the fund industry will take the first step, continue to do bigger and stronger health industry. In addition, Huaren will vigorously develop medical investment management business, the company has the advantages of domestic and foreign medical resources, give full play to the listed company platform, combined with the existing construction in hospital 2 nephropathy, gradually to the general hospital, community hospital and other theory相关的主题文章: