Zhoukou traffic accident truck suddenly out of control car Lianzhuang caused 5 deaths-splitit

Zhoukou traffic accident truck suddenly out of control car Lianzhuang 5 deaths caused by the Dahe reporter intern Yang Li River client Yukun truck in the morning trouble, leaving 2 dead and 3 injured. In September 20th, 21, Dahe Dahe client and exclusive coverage of the traffic accident happened on highway 210 in Luyi county. River client reporter just learned from Luyi, the death toll rose to 5 people, including the death of the Department of the 3 people died. At present, the driver Moumou xingju. Luyi county official informed that 4:50 on September 20th, Zhao Moumou driving Henan LF1998 heavy truck warehouse gate, along highway 210 from south to north to the Luyi county territory for trial when Liang Zhen Hu Zhai Road, the vehicle suddenly out of control, has crashed into two tricycle driver, in which 2 people died on the spot. Then, the car to continue driving out of control and a series of hit 3 tricycles, resulting in 3 drivers was seriously injured and rushed to hospital after she died. So far, the accident caused a total of 5 people were killed. According to reports, after the incident, Luyi county government quickly formed a special working group to carry out rehabilitation work. Currently, the driver Zhao Moumou on suspicion of traffic accident has been under criminal detention by the public security organs, the case is under further investigation. Related news: reporters from Yang Dahe Dahe client Intern Li Yukun today (20) morning, there are users to the client the river broke the news, Luyi County Highway 210 Hu Village section of a traffic accident, a truck out of control into the crowd, causing many casualties. River client reporter learned from the Luyi county government emergency office, as of 12 noon, Luyi County Traffic Police Department reported that the situation is dead and injured 3, initially determined by the driver fatigue driving. According to insiders, it happened in the morning of 5 pm, at the time, a pull corn truck traveling from south to North on highway 210 (Dancheng to Luyi) on Hu Zhai Road, Liang Zhen suddenly, truck out of control into the morning market crowd, resulting in many casualties. At that time the truck hit live after want to run, then run to a tricycle, truck tires were slashed rotten, stopped." Several witnesses said, hit the pedestrians are mostly over 60 years old, the hair is white. Reporters from the eyewitness photos, the left front wheel truck tire was severely damaged, damaged, blood on the section of the incident, and hit the pedestrian lying on the ground beside the wheel. In addition, the middle of the road guardrail have hit the mark, the scene has a blue tricycle was knocked on the ground with vegetables. This afternoon, the reporter contacted the Luyi County Public Security Bureau. Just before press time, the reporter contacted the Luyi county government emergency office director Sun learned that as of 12 noon, Luyi County Traffic Police Brigade reported that the accident was caused by a total of 2 dead and injured. The report said, "this morning, a car for LF1**8 truck traveling from south to north, two men riding a tricycle pedestrians killed." Director Sun said the report quoted content, the truck driver Zhao Department of driver fatigue, is Shenqiu County Zhi Dian Zhen people. Today morning: driver fatigue thermal driving a truck in the city overturned on a hot news express today: Yanshi villagers "involved in the robbery and murder of 2.相关的主题文章: