Zhu Fangyu play a strong team to go all out to find the gap on the purpose (video)-webquest

Zhu Fangyu: play a strong team to go all out to find the gap on the purpose of playing a very hard fight [score] outside the real man Zhu Fangyu! Zhu Fangyu tough break layup Tencent in September 30th Shenzhen sports news (reporter Chen Yueze) Beijing time on September 30th, the Guangdong men’s basketball team in the Champions League Chinese for second games, more than 75 to 101 lost to CSKA moscow. The Guangdong team veteran Zhu Fangyu Game 7 points. In an interview after the game, Zhu Fangyu said, the team in comparison with the outcome of the game, and he repeated to the young teammate stressed the hope that they can use this opportunity to compete against the international experience and feeling. "I feel good, the team is very happy with the game. With such a team to play, the gap is very large, we are on the premise that we go all out to fight, how to spell the process, how to improve themselves, to understand where the gap. I think this is the end of the day to reach the goal." When it comes to the final results, Zhu Fangyu said. Before the start of the game, Zhu Fangyu had made micro-blog said that such a game to hold the attitude of learning to find a gap, feeling and the feeling of playing against teams. And he also revealed that he had with his young teammates stressed that such words. "I feel like I said on micro-blog, with such an international team, I think in addition to the national team level of the game, it is difficult for other clubs to have such a chance. This is the direct experience and the international teams against the level, only in this way you will know the Champions League team CSKA Moscow is playing against the relatively CBA is how a level." Zhu Fangyu said, I told the young players, and if you go to the national team at this level, give yourself a preparation in advance, with the international team is the game."相关的主题文章: