Zhu Xiaohu talk about venture capital business began to return to the normal trend of Chinese entrep txplatform

Zhu Xiaohu talks about venture capital began to return to normal business trends: China entrepreneurs need to pay attention to the defense of Jinsha River venture capital managing director Zhu Xiao Hu Sina Francisco September 25th morning news, Chinese Youth Entrepreneurship Forum held recently in Hangzhou, Jinshan River Chong Investment Director Zhu Xiaohu on venture capital hot speech, he thinks two hot this year is to live and sharing. But artificial intelligence, VR and AR also need to "let the bullets fly". Zhu Xiaohu said that the entrepreneurial opportunity will never come to an end, in each wave of the great company after the birth, there will still be a great new wave of birth, entrepreneurial opportunities will not end after the birth of a giant. But at the same time, he believes that entrepreneurs are critical to step on the air outlet, the air is a big business cycle and themes, such as O2O cycle has passed, and now it will become difficult to finance. In addition, Zhu Xiaohu think this business environment is different than the maximum last year to "return to normalcy", namely the commercial nature of the return, only those who solve the actual business needs and pain points of the project, in order to obtain the favor of investors, rather than say "artificial intelligence" and "big data". Finally, the managing director of the Jinsha River venture capital also provides entrepreneurs with three recommendations, which focus on how Chinese entrepreneurs should do defense and build barriers. (Li Gen) the following is Zhu Xiaohu speech (small title for Sina Technology added): Good afternoon everyone! Very happy, thanks to the Youth Entrepreneurship Forum, glad to come to Hangzhou again, there are a lot of very good entrepreneurs in Hangzhou, we also put a lot of good cooperation projects in Hangzhou, hope to have more opportunities and Hangzhou entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial opportunities never end recently, many of us are confused in the end there is no opportunity to the Internet? Not only many entrepreneurs ask us, investors are asking us, as if we are crystal ball, in fact, we do not know, this is a $one billion question, if you can answer. Any predictable of course, are false, and recently added VR, AR, artificial intelligence is very fire, these may be a bubble, little chance. But the big data, the historical point of view there is still a chance, after five years ago, Google, Facebook listing, many people ask the Internet there is no chance, the fact is the Internet in Google and Facebook can be born a year after tens of billions of dollars or the company, including the excellent step, Twitter is born after Facebook, Google, the Internet will always have a surprise surprise, where you don’t know. In the first half of China’s two hot spots in the first half of the live broadcast, the second half to share. We voted last year, this year did not expect such a fire. OFO when we vote, we feel that the market is relatively small, the university campus to do, although it is China technology power, but more people more and more to the upgrading of consumption, to drive, why take this bike, bike sharing has been very fire. On the quasi periodic rhythm is very important we love reading history is the history of the Internet, China nearly 15 years of history, there are five cycles obviously, every three years, but every three years a cycle is not the same concept. First。相关的主题文章: